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Jane Sinclair BSc., Mickel Therapist.

I support and guide people with CFS/M.E, Fibro and Stress illness to recover.


Jane Sinclair (Bachelor of Science Nutrition), is an International Advanced Mickel Therapist and one of the UK’s most sought after health coaches. Jane has used her therapeutic knowledge over many years to support guide and educate people to resolve their symptoms of CFS/ME, Fibro, IBS, Migraine, Anxiety and Depression and return to health.

Jane is passionate about the success she has achieved and she is constantly inspired by the recovery of her clients.


  • Are you on the go all the time, rushing from one job to the next, helping others with never a minute to yourself? Do you pride yourself on sleeping only 5 hours a night in order to pack in deadlines, deliver favours and go the extra mile?
  • Perhaps you used to be like that until M.E stopped you in your tracks?

If this sounds like you then you could be addicted to stress. Unconsciously you have learnt that it does not feel emotionally safe to relax so by keeping chronically busy all the time and therefore on high alert this stress habit has become comfortable and familiar and feels safe. You have accidentally learnt to perpetuate the stress response because you unconsciously feel safer that way. Relaxing, in contrast, feels unfamiliar and unconsciously unsafe and so after 5 minutes you are on the go again!

I can help give you the keys to putting your own needs first, notice how stress is affecting you and what to do about it.


“Mickel Therapy gave me my life back!” Martin G

“Thank you Jane Sinclair for helping me realise I don’t have to spend the rest of my life in pain. I can’t recommend her treatment enough”

“Within a matter of weeks the symptoms I had been dealing with (Fibro/CFS) were under control. I would recommend any one dealing with fibromyalgia/CFS speak to Jane to see how she can help.”



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