A better way to treat chronic pain.

Effective, neuroscience based mindbody treatment.

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57 Year Old Woman

Recovery from severe shoulder and arm pain in a 59 year old woman

My life is basically back to normal, plus I’m less afraid to try new things. I know what its like to be constrained by pain, and now I know what its like to feel free again.

Why not try new things? I feel my mind is liberated too and I’m ready to do things that I never would have imagined.”

Freedom From Chronic Pain program participant (Sydney, Australia)

You’ve seen the doctors and they ran the tests but couldn’t help much.  Maybe you saw the physio, chiro, osteo or the acupuncturist.  Or you did a multidisciplinary pain clinic and some CBT to help manage the pain. Have you spent thousands with limited pain relief?

A lot has changed in the last ten years in the neuroscientific understanding of chronic pain.  Mindbody treatment was pioneered by Dr John Sarno in the 1970’s and although there were many anecdotal (non peer-reviewed) reported cases of substantial recovery from chronic pain, until recently there wasn’t much science to back it.

In the last decade though, really good scientific evidence has been emerging that mindbody treatment offers something new and superior for most chronic pain conditions.  By changing the state of the brain and the nervous system, and working in a specific way with both thoughts and unconscious neuropsychological processes, most people can improve substantially or recover fully from their chronic pain.

The Freedom From Chronic Pain program was created by Australian psychotherapist Hal Greenham and U.S. Professor of Medicine Howard Schubiner MD, FACP.  We invite you to read some more about this treatment below and reach out to us to see if this may be appropriate for you.

Hal Greenham BSc (Psych), BA, Radix Body Centered Psychotherapist, Clinical Director

Hal Greenham BSc (Psych), BA, Somatic Psychotherapist
Clinical Director

Prof. Howard Schubiner MD, FACP
Clinical Director, Medical Advisor

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79 Year Old Woman

Recovery from chronic back pain and reduced medication use in a 79 year old woman

Moving from bed to chair and back to bed was no life. I did get good relief lying in bed but I did not want to spend the day and night on my bed!

Read the case study

I have been working through the Freedom From Chronic Pain program for 3 months now and really appreciate it. I have not had rapid dramatic improvements but comparing where I am today to where I was when I started yes, the change is dramatic. All my problems are a lot better – less bloating, much less pain, eating better and feeling better in myself.

I was having 6 Panadol Osteo a day but now only require 1 or 2 – I have more of this work to do and I really think I should be able to do without them altogether.

(Update 4 weeks later) – I am no longer needing to take any Panadol Osteo and my symptoms are getting better and better, the more work I do on them.”

Freedom From Chronic Pain program participant (Tasmania, Australia)

We’re continually improving this mindbody treatment for most chronic pain conditions, based on published research and decades of clinical experience.

Because this program works with the brain and the nervous system it can effectively treat most (but not all) forms of chronic pain, even if they have been there for years. To join the program you first need to work with your doctor to make sure you don’t have another serious disease causing your pain.

Check the table below to see if this treatment is likely to be beneficial for you:

What it works for

  • Chronic back and/or neck pain
  • Chronic musculoskeletal pain in single or multiple sites
  • RSI / OOS
  • Migraine
  • IBS (irritable bowel / bladder syndrome)
  • Fibromyalgia syndrome
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • CRPS
  • RSD
  • Many exzema / skin conditions
  • Some arthritic conditions
  • Some endometriosis presentations
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Other medically unexplained chronic pain
  • Other medically unexplained chronic fatigue

What its not for

  • Pain from cancer
  • Most rheumatoid arthritis
  • Clearly diagnosed nerve injury
  • Some arthritic conditions

What You Get In The Program


Correct Diagnosis

How to recognise if your symptoms can be caused and cured by a mindbody intervention (and why many doctors are not able to diagnose this correctly)

Step by step guidance

Our fully customised worksheets and symptom tracker will guide you step by step. See your progress and understand better where you are getting stuck.

The six pillars of mindbody symptom formation

Understanding the relative contribution of the six main internal factors which drive chronic symptoms.

How to work positively with your doctor

Break out of the loop of dysfunctional treatment cycles which unfortunately are all too common in the medicine of today. The course shows you how to work positively with your doctor towards a cure or significant reduction in your symptom, whilst taking back control of your own health.

Getting unstuck and advanced healing techniques

Get access to multiple powerful methods for working with the thoughts and feelings that perpetuate the chronic pain process. Not one technique works for everyone, thats why we have incorporated a multipronged approach to help you get unstuck and on the road to wellness ASAP.

How to transform the pain and fatigue through MindBody Healing

Get clear guidance on how to apply all of Dr Schubiner’s and my own specialist techniques to work powerfully with your nervous system and create transformational change. Get clear guidance on how to work with thoughts, feelings, symptom substitutions, setbacks and learn to rewire your brain to turn off the painful symptoms.

Recovery from hip and back pain in a 65 year old woman

I’ve struggled on and off with intermittent back and hip pain for years. Finding the mindbody approach has been fantastic for me and meant I’ve been able to effectively manage the pain without paying for osteo and other therapies I used to do.

Read the case study

I got a lot from Dr Sarno’s books but found I needed some extra help. The Freedom From Chronic Pain program provided lots of great material to make the treatment applicable to my situation. It’s so supportive to be able to talk with a properly trained mindbody practitioner for when I feel stuck.

After finding it difficult to walk for a period, I used the mindbody approach to overcome my hip and back pain. A few weeks later, I noticed I was getting strong tinnitus after a stressful incident. I found when I applied the mindbody principles this symptom no longer worries me anymore, and I’m still on top of my hip and back pain without needing drugs.

It’s amazing stuff, this course… you have to work at the program, you can’t just forget about it, but you can get great results if you do. To overcome my symptoms without drugs is so empowering, I love it.

Freedom From Chronic Pain program participant (Tasmania, Australia)