Hal Greenham

Somatic psychotherapist
BSc (Psych), BA, Member ARBPA 

I’m Hal Greenham. I have seven years experience in clinical chronic pain treatment, but perhaps more importantly have the first hand understanding of chronic pain syndromes that comes hard won with personal experience. After using mindbody approach to recover from three long years of chronic pain, I retrained and now specialise in helping other do the same.

After spending tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of appointments with doctors, specialists, physios, alternative therapists, I realised that the key to treating chronic pain isn’t what most people think it is.

Unfortunately that wasn’t until I had had to stop working, and playing music, and living independently, because I just couldn’t do those things anymore. If you want to read some more about my journey down the rabbit hole of pain, (and more importantly, back out again) I’ve written my story here.

After making a full recovery using a mindbody approach inspired by the work of Dr John Sarno, I retrained in psychology and somatic psychotherapy.  I then practiced for six years in Melbourne and via Skype, blending the most effective techniques I’ve found to help other people to recover.  The Freedom From Chronic Pain program is a collaboration between myself and the world’s leading mindbody pain researcher and clinician Prof. Howard Schubiner MD.


Availability and bookings 

I am currently available for appointments through packages B and C of the FFCP programs, and for casual sessions.  Please enquire directly by using the contact form if you wish to book in.